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Ocarina Water Sport


At ocarina the water activity area has split to two part they are lake and sea at the east of ocarina. for the water games at lake the ocarina have five game you can choose they are single and double motorbike, bumper boat, jetsky, and air floor boat.
the main icon of water game is bumper boat. this kind of game like bom-bom car, ocarina has 12 unit of bumper boat and the capasity is 2 person for 1 unit, like bom-bom car bumper boat also can for the competition it's also have the laser gun.
the jetsky also no to bad, it special for family because the jetsky motor made from fiber material so it's safe for kid'z and teenage, the other side the jetsky also use the power from battery so the speed not to risk, the jetsky has average speed of 14 km / hour.

although only at the lake but the area quite wide almost 5 ha and deep 3-4 meter and at this area the ocarina also have built the area for the queue up and the second location ocarina give it name as "beach game" the ocarina offer quite exciting water game the priority to adult, they are totter, UFO game, water ball, dan roller ball. and at this beach game the also hired the rescue team for guard the area.
all the equipment has import from china and have the international cartificate. the cost range Rp15 thousand to Rp60 thousand

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